What is Concierge Medicine in Austin, TX Anyway?

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What is Concierge Medicine in Austin, TX Anyway?

When is the last time you scheduled a same-day appointment with your doctor or arrived for your appointment and experienced no wait or hassle over a copay or deductible? A better healthcare experience does exist at Freeman Concierge Medical Clinic.

Concierge Medicine at Freeman Concierge Medical Clinic is an enhanced relationship between you and your primary care provider.  You can expect personalized visits with less wait time and assistance managing the "medical maze".  With Concierge Medicine Dr. Freeman and Celeste, FNP will see fewer patients which reduces, and in some cases totally eliminates wait times.  NO MORE FITTING INTO YOUR PROVIDER’S SCHEDULE! 

Imagine having your very own healthcare provider that you can rely on for SAME DAY appointments. If you are out of town you can still contact Celeste or Dr. Freeman via phone or video chat.

You will also be able to email and text your providers directly within a protected system  which clinic staff will monitor throughout the day.  QUALITY healthcare on YOUR terms without the hassle of insurance.

Call us today to schedule at Freeman Concierge Medical Clinic in Austin, TX 78703.