House Calls at Freeman Medical Clinic In Downtown Austin, TX

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House Calls at Freeman Medical Clinic In Downtown Austin, TX

One of the most difficult parts of seeing a doctor is making the visit to the office. At Freeman concierge Medical Clinic in Austin, Texas, you don’t have to.

One barrier to seeing a doctor is making it into the clinic. At Freeman Concierge Medical Clinic in Austin, Texas, you don’t have to. Our team offers house calls for people in need of a wide range of services. Whether you’re sick or need a physical exam or COVID testing/strep test/botox/IV therapy, we can come to you. 

What are house calls?

Talk about convenience! We come to you! Whether your “house” is a hotel because you’re visiting Austin, TX or your home which is a traditional house you can stay comfortable and save the time and hassle of coming into the clinic. Heck we will come see you at the park or the ball field if you need us to!

But wait….there’s more convenience. We are happy to see you via telemedicine or a phone call for many issues. 

What happens during house calls?

Most of the health care services you receive at Freeman Concierge Medical Clinic are also available during house calls, including:

Physical exams

A physical exam is a comprehensive evaluation to assess your overall health. The head-to-toe exam includes a complete medical history review. We record your vitals and ask questions about any symptoms you’re experiencing. We may look inside your ears, nose, and throat, listen to your heart and lungs, palpate your abdomen, and test your reflexes. If indicated we will perform an EKG (electrocardiogram) heart test also called a 12 lead.

We can do athletic physicals for your kiddos, too.


We can perform a variety of vaccinations during your house call. Not sure what you need? No problem, it’s our job to know what you need, not yours. 

COVID testing

We can perform rapid COVID testing during your house call with the result in minutes. 

Chronic disease management

If you have a chronic disease, like diabetes or arthritis, you need to see your provider regularly. House calls eliminate the hassle of driving to the office and sitting in a waiting room. You get the care you need faster and in a more personal environment where you may feel more comfortable.

Sick care

Imagine lying in bed and feeling too tired to even get up to go to the bathroom. You have a headache and could vomit at any minute. Forget traveling to the office. Let us come to you and get you feeling better and quickly.

IV therapy

Let us bring the goods to you! What’s better than receiving your IV hydration in the comfort and relaxation of our zero gravity massage chairs?  How about receiving your IV hydration in the comfort of your own home?  We can bring everything to you while you just relax. We also love doing group IV sessions, say for a bachelorette party or after a race?



That’s right! Let us bring those to you also. Let us fight the Austin traffic for you.  We can perform the consultation and the injections in the same visit.  This is another great opportunity for groups looking to do something different. Check out our social media sites for before and after pics of our work.

Benefits of house calls 

  • Improved patient safety
  • less/no travel time
  • Reduced costs for gas, parking, childcare
  • Faster diagnosis + treatment
  • Lower your risk of ending up in the hospital 
  • Less stress 
  • more comfort

Call 512-391-9400 to schedule your house call in the downtown Austin area 78703!