Gender Affirming Services and Transgender Hormone Therapy in Austin, TX

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Gender Affirming Services and Transgender Hormone Therapy in Austin, TX

Freeman Concierge Medical Clinic offers a full spectrum of gender affirming services.

Hormones We Prescribe and What They Do


It does what you think it does based on how you have seen cis males go through puberty.  Testosterone typically lowers the voice, increases hair thickness and hair growth in places you may not have had before, increased sex drive, increased energy, increased strength, increased appetite, mental clarity, and heightened confidence. These effects may or may not be permanent after starting hormone therapy.  


Typically increases the hip to waist ratio visually, increased emotions, softer skin, increased vaginal lubrication


May improve brest development, mood, and libido.



We suggest you look for a clinic that individualizes hormone therapy. Be suspicious if the clinic sees tons of people every day and does not ask you questions about your family history. This is genetics and we are all half genetics and half a product of our environment. If you have a significant family history of cardiovascular disease, we will find this out in your intake and may refer you to a cardiology consultation prior ro initiating hormone therapy.  We put safety first.  Hormones are super fun but not if you are dead or having a heart attack or a stroke.

By the time you find us the hard part is behind you. You are not alone. We can help; we WANT to help! With respect we listen to our patients. Using evidence based medicine we will formulate plans together. These may include 

  • Hormones
  • Ordering and interpreting Labs 
  • Cosmetic Consultation and Procedures (Supple Skin, Botox and cosmetic fillers)
  • Pre-surgical Consultations and Clearance
  • Referrals (plastic surgery, voice therapy, many more)
  • Consultations for Official Gender Marker Change and Other Gender Affirmation Paperwork

The most common question we get is if we will see a non gender-conforming patient who wants to start hormone based therapy. ABSOLUTELY! The team at Freeman Concierge Clinic is devoted to providing respectful health care for ALL people. It’s also fun to come here for other issues so you don’t have to ‘explain yourself’ to urgent care or another primary care clinic.


We want all of your questions.  Celeste and Dr. Freeman are experts in medical science. They want you to feel comfortable asking any question you may have. Super consequential or seemingly inconsequential.  


Your first visit will be all about meeting us and us welcoming you. We expect you to be nervous and that's ok. We always want to get your preferred name and pronouns right. We won't. So have fun correcting us also without shame. Expect to be asked questions that help us provide the best healthcare for you. You need not expect judgement or questions about things that are none of our damn business! Expect to be listened to and if we fall short demand it of us. 

Come see us at Freeman Concierge Medical Clinic.  We are excited to meet you!