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Here at Downtown Doctor, we love ourselves some yoga. Whether you are into the thick, heavy steamy Bikram yoga style, or a more classic and calm variation, September is a month that speaks all about being healthy.

The practice of doing yoga is only one of the many ways that the Center of Health states that you can take control of your well-being this September.  There are many little steps that you can take to increase your health, as well as decrease your stress:

Taking a quick afternoon nap

Scheduling some “you” time

Take a relaxing bath

Read a good book.

The list is endless….


But, remember, none of this is important if you are not healthy.  As the summer nears to a close, and you find yourself with more free time as the kids are back in school, take a minute to evaluate your own health.  Has there been some lingering issue that you have been putting off?  Have you been eating right?  Do you know if all of your vaccinations are up to date?  Have you had a flu shot this year?  Just when was your last mammogram?  This is an important time to reflect on these issues as we get into the busy winter season.

If the answer to any of these above questions is no or, even worse, I don’t know, then schedule out some very important “you” time and come into the clinic.   With specializations in osteopathic manipulation therapy, Dr. Freeman can right any one of those nagging aches and pains, gently and effectively.  If you have questions about nutrition, Dr. Freeman recommends (and uses!) an amazing product called SLIM!

For all those who simply have questions regarding their health, please feel free to call the clinic anytime at 512.391.9400.  We are here to help you.  Take some time out for yourself.  


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