Hippo Hydrate®

All of us lead busy, fast paced lives full of responsibilities and deadlines. We are all subject to dehydration no matter what the cause and at Hippo Hydrate® we’re all about turning that around. We offer rehydration services dedicated to faster recovery for endurance athletes after intense training sessions or races. It also happens to be an amazing remedy for recovering from a night of one too many drinks, daily stress, or just life in general. It is important for everyone to hydrate themselves.

  • IV Hydration Therapy
  • B-12 shots
  • Nausea and Headache Treatment

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House Call Visit – 7 days a week – 8 A.M. – 8 P.M.  – Make an appointment online at www.hippohydrate.com or call 512-391-9400 (option 6).