Dr. Georgeanne Freeman

Wellness Clinic - Dr Georgeanne Freeman family medicineDr. Freeman believes in giving personal care to her patients at her wellness clinic.

Dr. Freeman’s Specialties:

  • Dr. Freeman is a board certified Doctor of Osteopathy. What is an osteopath? An osteopathic doctor is licensed to do the same things as an M.D. (Medical Doctor). Additionally, they are trained in spinal manipulation much like a chiropractor. Dr. Freeman believes in tapping into the innate healing properties we all have. For example, a bruise will usually heal from the body’s internal healing processes, which are very powerful! However, if the body is tired it may need outside help (in the form of medication/surgery). This is called allopathic medicine. An osteopath uses internal and external methods of healing. Read more here: www.osteopathic.org
  • Dr. Freeman obtained extra training at the National Laser Institute in Scottsdale, Arizona, in Botox and Juvederm.

Wellness Clinic

Downtown Doctor is more than a doctor’s office, we’re a Wellness Clinic!  We offer traditional family medicine as well as many other important services through our on-site wellness providers at our clinic in Austin.  Please see the “Friends” tab for more information.