All About Transgender Services

Here at Downtown Doctor, we pride ourselves in treating everyone in our community-and have a zero tolerance policy for discrimination of any kind.

Today we discuss the services we offer our transgender population!

We offer a “full-spectrum of care” for our transitioning patients:

  • full physical exams
  • ordering labs (hormones and basic wellness labs like cholesterol and electrolyte levels)
  • sick visits (*sneeze*)
  • cosmetic procedures (Botox and other cosmetic fillers)
  • consultations (pre-op, hormone discussions/changes, ect.)
  • referrals (plastic surgery, voice therapy, ect.)
  • advice (excellent reads, changing gender marker legally, coming out, ect.)

The question we get most is if we will see a transitioning patient who wants to start hormone therapy.  ABSOLUTELY.  The physicians at Downtown Doctor will want to know if you’re hooked up with a therapist in your transition process, and would like to get a consultation letter from your therapist if you are already seeing one.  If you aren’t with a therapist–that’s okay!  We will still see you in the office-just be aware that the physicians will refer you to a therapist so you can seamlessly continue on your journey.

We hope you’ll come visit the physicians and staff at Downtown Doctor for all your healthcare needs-and know we are here FOR YOU!




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